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MauiTweetUp with the Nelson Family | Aloha Luxury Properties

MauiTweetUp with the Nelson Family

On Sunday, August 28th, @mauiblog and @alohaluxuryprop hosted  a Maui Tweet-up for Kris Nelson and his family.  Aside from the Nelson family and myself, @raatz, @Peterliu47 and @RoxanneDarling were there.

Kris and Cindy are “Maui Lovers” who live in Chicago.  They had been visiting Maui since 2006. All their adventures are written on a blog called Kaanapali Dreamin’. This year’s visit is extra special because they have their first born baby boy Christian visiting with them. He’s so adorable!  We fondly nicknamed him “BabyNelly”. See the photo above?  We can caption that “Like Father, Like Son“. To those of you who are not familiar with Kris, he is  the man behind the Daily Maui Photo and Maui By Photo  websites. Kris had taken thousands of beautiful photos of Maui and he generously shares them in his websites.

Back to the tweet-up, the tweet-up went well. It was a delight talking story about Maui Photo Festival, Maui in general, as well as what’s going on in our lives.  Looking back, however, there are some things that would have made this tweet-up better.  For example,  we should have had the tweet-up at the Hyatt where their family stayed, and we should have done it on the night of the Maui Photo Festival.  There were several other Tweeps  who were attendees of the festival  and that would have been more fun for all of us to get together. We could have had Andy & Sheila Beal, Chris Norberg, Natalie Brown, Terri Eliker, Mike Neal, Makena Gadient, Randy Hufford and other participants and speakers of of the Maui Photo Festival.  The atmosphere in the hotel area would have been nicer.  It was a bit windy and dusty at the park. There was no place for Christian to crawl around. Also, it would have been more convenient for the Nelson family to have it there. They wouldn’t have had to pack and check out early to drive to Kihei. They were so nice and gracious to drive to the South. I thought of holding the tweet-up at Kalama Park because that was where we first met on our first tweet-up.  Kind of nostalgic I suppose.

Now let’s talk more about the  good things about the tweet-up. One of the good things about having it at Kalama Park is that Lexi, Roxanne and Shane’s labrador, was able to attend! It was nice having Lexi there. She is such a sweet doggie. Very well behaved. She sat down there and listen to us while we talk story even without a treat! Another good thing is we got to meet Kris’ mom.  It was nice having her at the tweet-up.

The Nelson family have definite plans for more Maui visits.   Maybe next time they will stay in one of our luxury homes. And for sure next time we will be having another Maui Tweetup. A hui hou!

* * * * *

Kris and Cindy has been sharing about thei Maui vacation on the internet since 2006, through Blogs, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and more.  Some you you might want to share your Maui vacation too but do not have the time or the geekiness to start a blog or even a  Facebook Page.  Well,  we have a solution for you!  @AlohaLuxuryProp started a Facebook Page called “Our Maui Vacation” where you can share with us pictures, videos and posts of your Maui vacation.  We just started it so you be among the first ones to post. We look forward to connecting there with you. Aloha!

* * * * *

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijB9QFTW98A&w=640&h=360]


  1. I often think Hawaii (maybe Maui could start it?) could have a Visitor Appreciation Week! There are so many like Kris Nelson who come here, love it, and then spend their own time and resources sharing our beautiful islands. Thanks for including me and Lexi Dogg!

  2. Looks like a great time, and I’m sorry we couldn’t make it back from the photo fest in time. I really hope the Nelson clan moves to Maui full time soon. They fit in perfectly!

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