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Golf Specials/Custom Fitness Programs/Concierge Service With rental of our unit, we offer special rates for wonderful Wailea Golf. We can also coordinate a custom fitness program to meet your needs. Whether your building, maintaining or just trying to look great, our world-class, professional, personal trainers can help you get there. We also offer complete Concierge services to make your Hawaii trip as relaxed as possible. Located just minutes from the upscale Wailea resort area.

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Makena – Abundance

As you drive south from Kihei, past Wailea’s gated golf resorts, you’ll get to Makena (´Ma-kay-na,¡ meaning abundance).

Makena is a perfect mix of comfort and adventure. It offers quiet beaches with amazing water activities. Its proximity to major hotels and restaurants allows for an abundance of shopping, dining and sightseeing. For many who visit Makena, it is the perfect vacation location.

The main landmark in Makena is the historic Keawalai Congregational Church (´Kay-ah-wah-la-ee,¡ meaning the tranquil heaven). Built in 1855, its meter-thick walls are made of lava rock held together with coral mortar. It’s typical of many churches in Hawaii that externally resemble the New England houses of worship familiar to Hawaii’s first Congregationalist missionaries. But they’re built from materials, and often painted in colors you’d never find in Massachusetts. KeawalaiChurch has a beautiful oceanfront setting next to postcard-pretty MaluakaBeach (´Ma-loo-ah-ka¡).

Makena Landing was once the dock for a large ranch on the ´Upcountry slopes of Haleakala. Cowboys would drive cattle down a road for loading onto the barges that took them ´to market¡ on Oahu. It’s now a beach park that has seen better days. a 1999 storm washed away most of the sand. Off the beaten path, it’s a pleasantly secluded place for kayaking, snorkeling, picnics, or just enjoying the scenery.

South of Makena, the road narrows and the landscape becomes strangely barren. This is the Ahihi-Kinaÿu Natural Area Reserve, created by Haleakalaÿs last eruption in 1790. Two centuries just isn’t enough time for plants and erosion to turn volcanic rock into soil, so the Reserve is 827 hectares of piled black aa lava. The paved road ends at La PerouseBay. French explorer Jean-Fran’ois de Galoup, Comte de La Pérouse ´discovered Maui in 1786. This bay was where he became the first European to set foot on the island.